Y.O.L.O. is the sixth and the last episode of season 1 of the Angry Birds: The TV Show.


On a huge snowstorm on Piggy Island, Blue Jay is in detention, writing "I will not call the teacher "Bomb"" (Appointing that Bomb may have been given back his job as a teacher). Suddenly, a severe snowstorm hits Piggy Island, but Blue Jay is in the basement, so he doesn't realize. After a few hours, he walks up the stairs and tugs on the door, but snow just falls in. Then, to avoid a sudden avalanche, Blue Jay slams the door shut. Then he realizes he's hungry, and spots a teacher's refridgerator in the "lounge door". So he leaves the detention room and goes to the lounge, but to see that there is only a salad, yogurt, and cheese, combined as Blue Jay's "most hated food", as he mentions. So he breaks the soda machine and grabs a Pecksi. (Parody of Pepsi) Then he burps so loud, the roof caves in and snow falls across the hall. Then, more snow piles up on that snow, causing an avalanche. Blue Jay goes into the bathroom and closes the door just as the snow reaches the door. Then he turns on the lights and walks into a stall and pees. (off camera) Then he gets bored and starts imagining about stuff, like drawing or skateboarding. Then he sees some toliet paper, pulls out a pen, and draws a comic strip, creating a comic about King Pig, eating donuts and getting fat until he explodes. Then, he sees a rescuer and follows him out of the school.

Blue Jay then wakes up to find out it was a dream, and there was no storm at all. 

Then he wakes up again and finds himself in detention, and finds a note saying "You can run but you can't hide". Then he finds 7 other notes, making 8 in total. Then he sees a guy with no face in a tuxedo, and slams the guy's head in with a fire extinguisher, and pulls off the mask. Then there's another mask, and after, he pulls of ten masks, he just finds a robot, with a remote control. Then he decides to crush the wall with it, and the robot ends up making a hole in the wall, revealing dirt, and then drills a hole upward that Blue Jay escapes through, and then the whole school gets destroyed, and then Blue Jay runs off.

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