Winter birdie

Winter Matilda from Angry Birds Seasons 3.

Winter Matilda is the White Bird in Angry Birds Seasons 3. If tapped, she drops her exploding eggs, but encased in snow and ice wich melt upon impact with the fort.

General Info

Powers: Dropping exploding, ice and snow covered, eggs.

First Level Apperance: 2-14

Gender: Female

Species: Chicken

Locations: Many, but prefers snowy winter areas

Strength: Weak (before launching egg), Medium (after launching egg)

Size: About the same as Matilda


  • Though her eggs are frozen in ice and snow, this does not seem to effect her in any way.
  • Her ability is the opposite of a Ghast's; Ghasts have the ability of shooting explosive fireballs horizontally, while Winter Matildas have the ability of shooting explosive frozen eggs and snowballs vertically (downwards).
  • She is the coldest bird in Angry Birds Seasons 3, excluding Snow Terence.
  • She, or at least one of her relatives, made a debut in the Christmas Comic.
  • Her colors appear to be opposite the blue bird.

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