Weekly Rewing is a part of the big compilation Angry Birds Deluxe. It refers special tournaments of Angry Birds Friends, noticed in AngryBirdsNest and/or Rovio, in its Facebook page.

Note: You can get other levels of Angry Birds Friends over the web. They would be in "Downloadable Levels".

Level Packs

Tournament                                               Date

  1. Lotus: Over Driven                               Lotus F1 Team                                   September 3rd 2012
  2. Purple Haze                                          Halloween 2012                                  October 29th 2012
  3. Lotus Revisited                                     Lotus F1 Team                                   November 12th 2012
  4. Shake the Halls I                                   Winter 2013 (Ep. I)                             December 3rd 2012
  5. Shake the Halls II                                  Winter 2013 (Ep. II)                            December 10th 2012
  6. Shake the Halls III                                 Winter 2013 (Ep. III)                            December 17th 2012
  7. Shake the Halls IV                                Winter 2013 (Ep. IV)                           December 24th 2012
  8. Romantic Rush I                                   Valentine 2013                                   February 11th 2013
  9. Freddy For a Day                                 Freddy For a Day                              September 2nd 2013
  10. You ROCK! I                                         Rock in Rio (Week 1)                        September 9th 2013
  11. You ROCK! II                                        Rock in Rio (Week 2)                        September 16th 2013
  12. Coming of the Undead I                        Halloween 2013 (Week 1)                 October 23rd 2013
  13. Coming of the Undead II                       Halloween 2013 (Week 2)                 October 28th 2013
  14. Coming of the Undead III                      Halloween 2013 (Week 3)                 November 4th 2013
  15. Aurora Freezis I                                    Holiday 2013 (Ep. I)                          December 9th 2013
  16. Aurora Freezis II                                   Holiday 2013 (Ep. II)                          December 16th 2013
  17. Aurora Freezis III                                  Holiday 2013 (Ep. III)                         December 23rd 2013
  18. Chocolate Island                                  Valentine 2014                                  February 10th 2014
  19. Superb Smash                                     Wingman Tournament                       March 3rd 2014
  20. Bomb Raider                                        Bomb Tournament                            March 17th 2014
  21. Raffle on the Rainbow                          Easter 2014                                     April 14th 2014
  22. Cannon to the Landlubs                      Pirate Tournament                            May 19th 2014
  23. Viva la Aves!                                        Bird Cup Tournament                       June 9th 2014
  24. Sizzling Summer                                   Summer 2014                                  June 23rd 2014
  25. Viva la Finalistas!                                Bird Cup Champions                        July 7th 2014
  26. Good Old Speedster                            Chuck Tournament                          July 21st 2014
  27. Revenge of the Cyporkador                 Wingman II Tournament                  August 4th 2014
  28. NO CONTRACT                                   Office Tournament                          Sepember 1st 2014
  29. Bouncy Bouncy!                                  Bouncy Tournament                        September 15th 2014
  30. The Secret Artwork                              Sneak Peek Tournament                September 29th 2014
  31. Pig-filled Colosseum                            PigMania Tournament                     October 6th 2014
  32. Curse of the Mummy Pig I                   Halloween 2014 (Ep. I)                    October 20th 2014
  33. Curse of the Mummg Pig II                  Halloween 2014 (Ep. II)                   October 27th 2014
  34. Curse of the Mummg Pig III                 Halloween 2014 (Ep. III)                  November 3rd 2014
  35. Pango                                                 Pangolins Tournament                    November 17th 2014
  36. Boom Boom!                                       TNT Tournament                            December 1st 2014

more coming soon...


  • The title is a pun on the phrase "Weekly Rewind".
  • The level packs are 'drop-down expander', and have not any episode card.

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