Vincent the Black Bear (voiced by Nick Nolte in his male body and Allison Janney in his female body) is a main villain that appeared in Alvin and the Chipmunks 2: One Day in Frankfurt. It was actually revealed several times that Vincent himself is secretly the infamous German criminal known as Frederick Bloom. While his Vincent persona spoon-feeds both Jeanette (Anna Faris) and Eleanor Miller (Amy Poehler) with false advises, his other working as Frederick Bloom manage the smuggling and interceptions of precious Japanese artifacts at the Frankfurt International Airport. When one of his smuggling efforts run in vain, Frederick Bloom orders a bold move to be made by kidnapping Brittany Miller (Christina Applegate), the older sister of Jeanette and Eleanor. Fredrick Bloom demands the finances in return for Brittany Miller, typically having his right-hand woman Gladys Sharp (Allison Janney) by making all the phone calls to the authorities. At the Frankfurt Convention Center where many precious and expensive Japanese artifacts are on display, Vincent unmasks his evil persona and confesses how all the riches were taken away from him. As he attempts to make a getaway to the Convention Center roof, where a helicopter will pick him up, Simon Seville (Matthew Gray Gubler) intervenes, resulting in Vincent falling to his death on top of a parked school bus. According to David "Dave" Seville's official art-book, Vincent has a past interactions with Simon Seville for being the true culprit who shots Simon Seville's father in cold blood. It was also Simon Seville himself who has foiled many of Vincent's smuggling efforts during police stakeouts. Aside for being a brilliant criminal, Vincent is known for dealing with explosive items and devices upon his arrival in Frankfurt in order to prepare for Brittany Miller's explosive light pink leather jacket.

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