Valerie "Valeria" Grey (voiced by Cree Summer), is s a former popular African American female student at Casper High School and a ghost hunter, determined to destroy Danny "Daniel" Phantom and other ghosts once and for all. She is serves as a recurring villains of the 2004 television series Danny Phantom and also one of the three secondary villain in Alvin and the Chipmunks: Assassin's Vengeance where she was a member of a biker gang. She was once a popular, shallow African American teenage girl. Her life, however, changes from bad to worse when an accidents cause by a ghost dog cost her father Mr. Grey (Phil Morris) his job. No longer living as a normal life, she vowed revenge against all ghosts for ruining her life and her reputation after being given a ghost hunting suit and gears from Vlad Plasmius (Martin Mull). Vlad employs and hired her to do his bidding/dirty work until she finds out that Vlad was a half-ghost all along and she was being manipulated, fooled, deceived, and tricked by him. She has a bad temper, according to Theodore Seville's official journal, which often clouds her judgment, but slowly starts to realize a world beyond the superficial. In Danny Phantom, her occupation is a ghost hunter and high school student instead of a biker. She made her first debut in Danny Phantom: Parental Bonding.


In 1999, Valerie, along with two bikers named Ricky (Jason Marsden) and Kwan (James Sie), travels to Riverside, California and stops in a convenience store. In the store, Valerie takes to hassling customers named Samantha Manson (Grey DeLisle), having both Mr. Lancer and Kwan restrain her friend named Danny "Daniel" Fenton (David Kaufman). Having grabbed Danny's wallet when he attempted to throw it to Samantha, Valerie taunts Samantha, making Samantha grudgingly ask for it back and address her as Valeria.

After Danny accidentally mangles their motorcycles as revenge for troubling him and Samantha, Valerie and her fellow bikers follow the duo back to the suburbs of Riverside. Despite being reluctant to participate in her friends' plan to burn down the haunted house after siphoning gasoline from a navy blue Toyota van, Valerie, however, after being reassured by Ricky that nobody will get hurt, wanders off to look around. Going into the haunted house, Valerie nonchalantly begins toying with some of the equipment lying around on the second floor, eventually climbing up onto the third floor that leads to the attic. Finding a rope and rake used to hoist dry leaves, Valerie begins swinging from it for fun, catching the attention of, and annoys Kwan, who demands Valerie to come down this instant, so they can help Ricky in his revenge plans. Unseen by Kwan, Valerie was ultimately grabbed by Donald Walls (posing as Theodore Seville) and pulled back into the haunted house, where Theodore/Donald stabs her to an attic rafter by the throat with a sharp pitchfork. Shortly before Theodore/Donald kills him too, Kwan finds Valerie Grey's corpse, which Theodore/Donald later moves. Valerie Grey's corpse was later found and eventually taken away by the paramedics.

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