Upgrades is a single powerup that can be used to power up the ability of a bird or pig currently on the slingshot. Upgrades are:

  1. Red Bird > Shaker Bird: shakes the fortress with its scream. When it screams, it breaks all glass
  2. Blue Bird > Five-splitter Bird: splits into five slightly smaller but powerful birds that can break wood
  3. Yellow Bird > Light Bird: speeds up incredibly faster, doesn't lose its speed when activated. Can break ice
  4. Black Bird > TNT Bird: a bit lighter, and explodes directly on impact and when activated
  5. White Bird > Three Egg Bird: can activate ability three times until flattened or already became corpse
  6. Boomerang Bird > Back Bird: when activated, goes back and shakes the fortress at the same time.
  7. Big Brother Bird > Big Shaker Bird: more shaking, and its moan breaks wood
  8. Orange Bird > Balloon Bird: when deflating, blows away everything nearby.
  9. Ice Bird > Blizzard Bird: a bigger explosion and bigger freezing radius.
  10. Pink Bird > Bubblewand Bird: slightly bigger, and blows 10 more bubbles and can repeat the bubble blowing 10 times


Comin' soon!!

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