Underground Flight is the third episode in Bad Piggies Star Wars.This episode is very hard to beat.This episode has a special level named The Underground Death.In this level you must get 10 Hidden Skulls,15 Star Boxes and must have at least 3 Sword Pigs.In this episode there are some dangers too.This has the most levels in all of the episodes, having a total of 100 plus the Underground Death making a total of 101.


  • On level 6, a bunch of Chucks and Terences are at the end.You must kill them with your attacking Pigs.
  • On level 17, 3 Death Birds are at the end.Fire Pigs are a must.
  • On level 44, 20 Death Birds are at the end.You must have at least 5 of Sword and Warlord Pig.
  • On level 60, a Bear appears at the end and scraches your vehicle.2 Death Pigs are a must.
  • On level 74, 10 Bears appears at the end.10 Warlord Pigs are a must.
  • On level 89, 50 Terences and 50 Chucks appear everywhere.Using 4 Death Pigs can give you 2 stars.
  • On level 99, 190 Terences appear everywhere.Using 6 Warlord Pigs can give you all 3 stars.
  • On level 100, 50 Bears appear at the end.20 Warlord Pigs are a must.

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