Time Travel is the third episode of Angry Birds: A Sweetnom Story. It's based on Cut the Rope: Time Travel.

Level Packs

C-1. Young Knight                                                           The Middle Ages

C-2. Del Freezio                                                              The Renaissance

C-3. Boom Ahoy                                                              Pirate Ship

C-4. Doubleshot Desert                                                  Ancient Egypt

C-5. Vertigo                                                                     Ancient Greece

C-6. The Touches of Time                                              The Stone Age

C-7. Dance Floor Disturb                                               Disco Era

C-8. Yee-haw!                                                                Wild West

C-9. Chinese Cover-up                                                  Asian Dynasty

C-10. Ella Gov'nor!                                                        Industrial Age

C-11. Forward to the Future                                          The Future

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