Time Game is an episode in Angry Birds Toons.


When Red was caring for the eggs, Mechanic Pig built a time machine in King Pig's palace. Mechanic Pig had a plan to go in the past with King Pig and find Red when he would be an egg himself and eat him before someone sees them to steal the eggs in the future. But then there was a a problem: when they got to the past, Terence already hatched, at the age that Red is in the present. Being young and not fat, Terence easily beats up the pigs. When they wake up, they are still in the past. Drat. Three eggs hatched into Red, Chuck, and Matilda. The three baby birds start beating up the pigs again with Terence. It ends when Bomb hatches, the pigs say "uh-oh," and baby Bomb explodes for the first time in his life.


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