World of Pigs



Creation Date

2 January 2013

The World of the Pigs is a game parody of Angry Birds.


While Red are staring even more protective to his eggs,the pigs are out of ideas.But Professor Pig may has a idea! But,no,no idea! But King Pig this time had a real idea! He,witch the other pigs go to Oinkella,as Oinkella usualy do not acepts to help them.King Pig tell here that it's enenergence! Then he tells them that he will help them if they give her money and they acepts.

After they gived the money to Oinkella,she tells them the story.(translate from their language):

Years ago,before the pigs really wanted to eat the eggs,there be a gigantic city in the midle of the sky.This city was fulled witch creatures-like pigs,as they lived together.A female pig creature gived them live,but she rechived power from the other the world,as some strange creatures named birds attacked to that creature and fully destroied her and from that time the city was abandoned.But then the ruins of the creature start moutantly creating but the other ruins still remain,haunted in the sky for milions and milions years from that day.No one beleved from this time that that city really was created.

The pigs really surprised,as they beleve! After many tried faliures,they bulided as super-piggy plane,stealed the eggs (on the night) and go killometers and killometers to the sky untii they really come but then they don't know what for them awaits!

                                        I WILL WHRITE MORE!!!


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