The list of episodes from The Wacky World of Angry Birds.

Season 1 (2012-present)

List of Season 1 episodes.

Pilot: States of Matter

Red Bird and Blue Bird talk about science including Plasma, Soild and Liquid. First Aired on October 17, 2012.

1: First Day of School

The Birds are having their first day of school with their new teacher who is a Barbie Doll.

2: Blue Bird Goes to The Doctor

Blue Bird is nervous about getting his 1st doctors appointment from Dr. Lazer Bird and Nurse White Bird.

3: Stuck In a Cone

Red Bird gets stuck with a cone to his head.

4: Don't Wake Up Mighty Eagle

Little Pig and the Flock tries to wake up Mighty Eagle.

5: Bird Games

The Birds host the Bird Games.

6: The New Gal In School

Blue Bird falls in love with Pink Bird on her first day of school.

7: Blue and Pink Bird's Game Night

Blue Bird and Pink Bird play Carnival Games on the Wii.

8: Trapped In The School

Big Brother Bird, Blue Bird and Pink Bird are locked at school and trying to find their way out.

9: The Eggs

The Flock protects the eggs from bad things happening to them.

10: Angry Birds In Mortal Kombat

The Flock pretends to be the characters from Mortal Kombat.

11: Dogzilla

The Flock takes on Dogzilla.

12: When Blue Bird Met Kitana

Blue Bird and Pink Bird meet Kitana from Mortal Kombat.

13: The Slumber Party

Blue Bird accidently went to Pink Bird and White Bird's slumber party.

14: Pink Bird's Song

Pink Bird sings a song for all of the Youtubers (Viewers) who are watching this video.

15: The Sickness

Pink Bird is the doctor as she cures the birds who got sick with Birdritus.

16: Chun Li Attacks The Flock

The Flock plays Street Fighter and Chun Li attacks them with her powers.

17: The School Play

The Flock are having a School Play called The Three Little Pigs.

18: Pink Bird Goes To The Dentist

Pink Bird gets a dentist appointment from Black Bird.

19: Nursery Rhymes

The Flock sings Nursery Rhymes to the viewers.

20: Pink Bird's Babysitter

Big Brother Bird babysits Pink Bird.

21: Pink Bird's Check Up

Pink Bird gets a check up from White Bird.

22: Angry Birds The Musical

The Flock stars in their very own musical.

23: The Pet

The Flock accidently buy a furby for a pet.

24: Babysitting Little Penguin

The Flock babysits Mama Penguin's child.

25: The Flock Visits Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

The Flock gets on Freckle Pig's new plane to Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.

25: Ponies!

Stella And The Flock Buy MLP Toys

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