The Runaway is the third episode of Angry Birds GO! Adventure for the Diamond Surprise.

Toons.TV Description

To avoid a ruckus, it's about time for Bubbles to learn how to spin, but he's too stubborn that Red is definitely NOT obsessed with tidiness! Can he overcome his pride and channel the Big Tree?


At the beach, the Birds are having fun doing their hobbies, except Bubbles. Despite their requests, he won't join them, so the Blues push him in, but when he starts playing, he runs away. When pushed back onshore, Bubbles decides to leave. Now determined to learn how to spin, he starts with a top. It starts off well, but the others arrive and start playing.This left Bubbles submerged, with a turtle laughing at him. Later, he tries again with a loop, but accidentally trips himself up in the process, with a crab going around him. Yet again, he tries again, with an loop and a bamboo stick. He trips on the bamboo, and a fish takes a photo of him.

Now convinced he can't swim, Bubbles walks off, but notices that the Big Tree is shaking. He spots it about to be knocked down, but it turns out Red knocking it. Now enraged, he miraculously spins across the beach, beat Red up and gets the Big Tree back. With the birds celebrating, Bubbles jumps back into the beach, and plays again, now finding out that he's now playing with the leaf.


  • Bubbles can also do a Vortex Spin or a Tornado Dive instead of inflating.
  • This is the second episode that had the same name as the Angry Birds Stella episode. The first was A Fork in the Friendship.

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