The Angry Birds Movie is a 2016 movie that will be released in May 20th.


Bad Piggies Inc. is trying to take down Angry Birds! will the company be safe? Will Red, Chuck, Bomb, Hal, and Bubbles save the day? Find out when you watch "The Angry Birds Movie!"


At Matilda's house, Red, Chuck, and Bomb  find a letter, but Bubbles comes in and Hal comes too.

So the Angry Birds decide to go to the beach to find out Leonard and the other pigs.

Bubbles is hungry, so the gang decides to eat at Mcdonald's, but Leonard kidnaps Bubbles and he tries to steal the eggs.

At Leonard's house, Bubbles tells Leonard that Angry Birds is not stupid.

But Bubbles was captured and he wishes the Mighty Eagle was here.

Bubbles was seen riding across the picnic table and it showed Stella, Willow, Dahlia, Luca, and Gale eating food, but Dahlia got hit by the car and she was bleeding.

So Leonard tells the pigs that he wants to join the flock.

At Matilda's house, Bomb tells her that he has new Angry Birds Toons plans so Leonard can be in them and they went to Mcdonald's the next morning.

The End


  • Red - Jason Sudeikis
  • Chuck - Josh Gad
  • Bomb - Danny McBride
  • Matilda - Maya Rudolph
  • Hal - Craig Ferguson
  • Bubbles - Kath Soucie
  • Stella - Bettina Bush
  • Dahlia - Cheryl Chase
  • Leonard - Bill Hader
  • Corporal Pig - Keifer Sutherland
  • Mechanic Pig - Dan Bacon
  • Minion Pig - Travis Oates
  • Foreman Pig - Debbiee Reynolds


  • Bubbles is here! (Bubbles)
  • (battle cry) (Red)
  • And then he said, "Angry Birds is a movie." No way! That's not going to happen! (Stella)
  • Bomb! (Matilda)
  • Why did you give me Monopoly Money? I'll get you for this! (Leonard)
  • I'm hungry, let's eat at McDonalds. (Bubbles)


  • When Red drives the car to the slingshot, when he gets on it, his battle cry from the original Angry Birds can be heard,

Link to the Movie

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