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The Angry Birds 3: Elite's Revenge
Angry Birds 3
the poster




20th Century Fox
Columbia Pictures
Warner Bros. Pictures
Universal Pictures
Paramount Pictures
Bad Robot

Running Time

204 minutes

Based on

Angry Birds


Michael Bay,J.J Abrams


J.J Abrams

Music By

Brian Tyler

The Angry Birds 3: Elite's Revenge (short: The Angry Birds 3 or Elite's Revenge and formerly called The Angry Birds 3: The Apigcalypse,The Angry Birds 3: Doomsday in Las Redgas and The Angry Birds 3: The Rise of The Collector Pig) is an upcoming action live-action/animated movie and sequel of The Angry Birds and The Angry Birds in Vegas which is expected to be released on June 26,2023


The movie starts with a flashback of the first 2 movies ending with Elite going to Google.He searches "Master Pig"  then the Google News say that Master Pig is planning something really bad.

Back in Las Redgas at 6:29 am in Mandalay Bird,Elite,Red,Matt Tilda,and Freckled spend their time in House of the Blues Foundation Room.Elite has some Haliken (a parody of Heiniken,but a non-alcaholic drink) ordering from Hal.The Pigs try to destroy the Foundation Room.But Elite stops them from getting away.Red,in Elite's room, tries something to do with Elite.


Damien Tran as Elite and Voices of Matt Tilda,Freckled and Ultron Pig

Danny Devito as Voice of Red

Danny Trejo as Voice of Chuck

Moisés Arias as Voice of The Blues

Arnold Schwarzenegger as Voice of Bomb

Josh Brolin as Voice of Hal

Tommy Lee Jones as Voice of Terence

Tom Cruise as Voice of Bubbles

Ariel Winter as Voices of Stella and Female Red

Britney Spears as Voice of Matilda

Vin Diesel as Voices of Corporal Pig and Master Pig

Steve Carell as Voice of King Pig

Robin Williams as Voice of Foreman Pig

Macklemore as Voice of MacklePig

Alicia Moore (P!nk) as P!nk Bird

Justin Timberlake as Voice of Justin Timbirdlake

Elly Jackson as Voices of Female Orange Bird and an Angry Bird version of herself

Ryan Lewis as Voice of Piggy Lewis

Unknown as Voice of The Collector Pig

Unknown as Elite Stunt Double


The movie is released on June 26,2023 in the US,August 5, 2023 in South America,and 30 November 2025 in Austrilia


The Angry Birds 3: Elite's Revenge was expected to be released in Asia on 23 August 2023 but it is banned due to a scene which Elite causes lots of violence to the pigs destroying a Vietnam theme park.

The movie will also be banned in Egypt due to a scene where Elite shoots a pig and slides on what is similar to the Giza Pyramids and a structure resembling the Sphinx's nose is missing in the movie. The release date was 25 November 2023


When Red says "Tra La-Laaaaa",he is actually referencing the Captain Underpants books which Captain Underpants says a triumphant "Tra La-Laaaaa".

This movie is the first Angry Birds movie to be rated PG-13 instead of PG and the first to be rated R for the R-rated director's cut

When Elite,Freckled,Matt Tilda,and Red battle lots of pigs at the pig's base,they are copying the Burly Brawl scene from The Matrix Reloaded with the same fight and music


Teaser Trailer

  • (The Following Preview has been approved for Approperate Audiences card) (1 second)
  • (The 20th Century Fox,Columbia Pictures,Warner Bros. Pictures,Universal Pictures,Paramount Pictures and Bad Robot logos flash one by one)
  • (Zoom in to a pig)
  • Narrator:In a world,(2 seconds)
  • Narrator:Where Las Redgas is being destroyed by this pig (2 seconds)
  • Narrator:A secret agent must use his skills to defeat him (2 seconds)
  • Narrator:This pig's name is..... (3 seconds)
  • (The pig turns around showing himself)
  • Narrator:Master Pig (1 second)
  • (The screen glitches and the movie logo shows)
  • Narrator:The Angry Birds 3: Elite's Revenge (1 second)
  • (Cut to Master Pig)
  • Master Pig:I'll get you
  • Text:Summer 2023
  • Narrator:Coming in Summer 2023
  • (The credits for the movie show)
  • Text:In 3D,Real D 3D (in it's logo) and Imax 3D (logo)


Evanescence - Bring Me To Life04:14

Evanescence - Bring Me To Life

When Elite walks from an explosion made by the pigs and shoots 10,000 pigs with lots of guns,lasers,lightsabers,swords,knives,and metal slingshots and before the final part,Elite uses a machine gun to shoot the windows of Impigial Palace



The version of the song that Matt Tilda hates and sung by Macklepig

Matrix Reloaded Soundtrack Burly Brawl05:53

Matrix Reloaded Soundtrack Burly Brawl

When Elite,Red,Matt Tilda,and Freckled battle pigs

Imagine Dragons - Radioactive03:06

Imagine Dragons - Radioactive

When Red shows Elite his new gun then Elite uses it to kill Master Pig and End Credits



Master Pig's theme,The Collector Pig arrives,Elite getting enraged about the pigs,Infiltrating the Pigs base,before the Final Battle,and End Credits

In For The Kill04:17

In For The Kill

End Credits

Professional Griefers04:05

Professional Griefers

Music playing in Mandalay Bird,Elite's theme,Red meets his future self,The Angry Birds Bad Piggies Elite Slingshot Strike Force getting guns,lightsabers,and slingshots,and Elite battling pigs at Mandalay Bird

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