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The Angry Birds 10: The Invasion Begins




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The Angry Birds 10: The Invasion Begins is the 10th installment of The Angry Birds franchise


Red and Elite (in their RoboCop-like armors) are now practicing attacking the pigs

Discovering Freckled's treachery, Elite and Red split up to confront Freckled and Corporal Pig. Oblivious to Elite's reasoning that Freckled has turned to the dark side, Matilda travels to The Mirage Bird,covered in lava. When Matilda discovers what Freckled has done, she tries to take him back, but Freckled accuses her of betraying him and uses the Force to choke her into unconsciousness. Elite, having stowed away on Matilda's ship, engages Freckled in a fierce duel that ends with Elite shooting Freckled's ears and snout. Freckled falls down to The Mirage Birds' Volcano's edge and is immolated. Taking his former member's lightsaber, Elite goes to help Matilda. Meanwhile, Red confronts Corporal Pig, but is forced to retreat when their duel reaches a stalemate.

On The Quad Bird, Matilda gives birth to twins Luke Bird and Leia Bird. With her dying breaths, Matilda tells Elite that there is still good in Freckled. Meanwhile, Ultra Master Pig finds Freckled barely alive on The Mirage Bird and brings him back to Corporal Pig's base, rebuilding his apprentice's ruined body with cybernetic ears and a respirator. Tormented by the discovery of Matilda's death at his own hands, Freckled screams, the last vestige of humanity driven from him. As Freckled supervises the Death Star's construction, a funeral is held for Matilda, her body dressed to continue the illusion of pregnancy. Knowing that the twins must remain hidden from the Empire, Freckled II adopts Leia and takes her to the roof of Birdagio, while Luke is to be taken to his stepfamily on Stratospig. Chuck allows the birds, Terence and Bubbles to remain aboard the A.B.B.P.E.S.S.F and has Terence's memory erased. Red teaches Elite how to commune with the spirit of Jay,one of the Blues, before going into exile on Las Redgas. Elite takes the infant Luke to Birdagio and gives Luke to his Male Bird and Female Bird, where Elite intends to watch over Luke until the time is right to challenge the BPF.

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