Something 40 This article is intended to be a joke. Please do not take it literally.
The Teleport-o-potty  (plural being Teleport-o-potties) is one of Hal's inventions that first appeared in the cartoon's titiluar episode. It is 50% teleportation device and 50% port-o-potty. Its first game appearance was in Angry Birds: Fanboy and Chum Chum where The Blues, Bubbles, and Chet accidentally went into it from being hyper. However, its role was more important  in Angry Birds: Mother 3. King Pig stole it to go to the Nowhere Islands to release Porky Minch from the Absolutely Safe Capsule and at the end when the birds defeated Porky, they found the Teleport-o-potties King Pig stole and went into it to get back home. King Pig uses the other one. Right before Porky could get in, King Pig literally slammed the door on his face and Porky went into a coma.

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