The Super Showdown Squad consists of Mewtwo, Shelmet, and Manaphy. They appear only in Angry Birds: Pokemon, and can attack in episode 6 by shooting beams of varying power and physics. However, they are on the pigs' side, so watch out! Their beams cannot hurt their allies, and combine if they connect. The beams send all slingable Pokemon straight into their corpse form, but usually don't effect the other slingable characters. Also, when defeated, they enter a form just like a defeated and fake Lard Vader from Angry Birds Star Wars (ignoring size).


Mewtwo shoots a pink beam that easily pierces through any material and, though it cannot set off TNT and activates the power of the Blue and Black birds.


Shelmet shoots a green beam that can't pass through wood or stone, but does detonate TNT and pierces through ice. 


Manaphy shoots a blue beam that pierces wood and ice, and pushes stone a short distance.

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