His official Artwork in Angry Birds: More Piggies?!.

Super Meat Boy is a character from his own video game, Super Meat Boy. In the game, he needs to walljump and do other crazy things to get to his girlfriend, Bandage Girl.

He is yet to debut in any other games other than Angry Birds: More Piggies?!.


POWER: Ricochets, then breaks apart. Leaves a bloody trail below him.

GENDER: Male (Confirmed)

SIZE: Medium/Small

ORIGIN OF GAME: Super Meat Boy, Meat Boy, The Binding of Isaac

SPECIES: N/A (technically)


  • Bob, Meat Boy and Om Nom are the only three characters to travel to Piggy Island.
  • It is unknown how Super Meat Boy got to Piggy Island.
    • Maybe he used a WWWWAAAAARRRRRPPPZZZZOOOOONNNNEEEE to get there.
  • To use him in a level, type WARPZONE in a level, and he will replace the bird in the slingshot.
    • Though, he might appear in a level without the code.

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