Super Angry Birds Brawl

Super Angry Birds Brawl(SABB) was released by rovio and nintendo on November 25th, 2012


Red Bird

Blue Bird

Yellow Bird

Bomb Bird

White Bird

Boomerang Bird

Orange Bird

Minion Pig(medium)

Helmet Pig

Super Red Bird

Lightning Birds

Unlockable Characters

Pink Bird(Unlock by winning 20 matches with orange bird, then beat her in the following match)

Big Brother Bird (unlock by clearing chain mode without dying, then beat him in the following match)

King Pig ( unlock by clearing story mode, then beat him in the following match)

Lazer Bird (unlock by clearing chain mode with yellow bird 5 times,then beat him in the following match)

Mighty Eagle(buy him from the store for 75,000 seeds)

Fire Bomb Bird(unlock by clearing chain mode with bomb bird 5 times,then beat himin the following match)

Space Terrence(unlock by finding and beating him on black hole stage in story mode)

Atomic Bird(unlock by purchasing? him from the store for 30,000 seeds)

Luiz(unlock by winning 10 matches on the beach stage,then beat him in the following match)

Female Red Bird (unlock by winning chain mode with red bird 5 times, then beat her in the following match)



Danger Zone



Death Star


Mighty Eagle's Cave

Philidelphia Eagles field

Red Planet

Chrome Dimension

Winter Wonderland

Mining Caves

Wild West


Smuggler's Plane


Piglet Launcher


Max Seed

Space Egg


Moon Pie


Speed Cake


Boom Bow

Flame Seed


Hacksaw(only chops objects in the stage)

Assist Trophies

female white bird

nerdy birdy

mighty dragon (store item, costs 50,000 seeds)

hockey bird

developer birds






female moustache pig

cupid pig

Carnaval Float

Super Angry Smashes

Red Bird-slingshot fury

Blue Bird-super split

Yellow Bird-light speed fury

Bomb Bird-atom bomb bird

White Bird-Explosive Egg Mountain

Boomerang Bird-boomerang fury

orange bird-ultra inflate

minion pig-oink storm

helmet pig-helmet crush

super red bird-super slingshot

lightning birds-mega ball lightning

Pink Bird-bubble cannon

Big Brother Bird-Mega Smash

King Pig-pig army

Lazer Bird-super lazer

Mighty Eagle-Eagle Appocalypse

Fire Bomb Bird-booming succes

Space Terrence-asteroid bird

Atomic Bird-atom inflate

Luiz-Guard Dog Attack

Female Red Bird-Beatiful Launch

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