Stankasaurus is the fourth boss in Angry Birds Breadwinners. Its only appearance in Breadwinners was in Stank Breath. It was the boss of Bread Mines.


Boss Battle

Stankasaurus is chasing the mine train/rollercoaster hybrid (which is a kart that Hal and Ketta modified) that the birds, SwaySway, and Buhdeuce are in while Red and Buhdeuce are manupulting the Breadzooka that shoots Stank Bread. When Stankasaurus opens its mouth, lauch the Stank Breath into it and this will lower Stankasaurus's health meter. After enough hits, Stankasaurus will be defeated and will get its leg ran over by another mine kart and it will fall in the lava below.


  • It is the second boss not to be Oonski the Great, first being Mama Monster, who was the first boss period.
  • It is the only boss whose gender is unobvious.
  • The format of its fight was inspired by a boss from The Legendary Starfy.
  • It and Beach Monster were the only bosses that died.

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