Spunky, the Purple Bird is a duck. He has not yet appeared in any game, but, as seen in the photos.

Purple Bird Eagle
General Info
Powers Bouncing into structures
First Level Appearance: TBA
Gender: Male
Species: Duck (Anas Platyrhynchos Domesticus)
Locations: TBA
Strength: Before Shooting: Weak
After Shooting: Medium
Size: Large


Personal Data

  • Real Name: Spunky
  • Nicknames: Purple Bird, Bounce Bird
  • Group Affiliation: The Flock
  • Best Friends: Matilda (girlfriend), Bubbles


He is very bouncy and can bounce into the structure, then will flip and fall to the ground when you tap or click the screen.


He hasn't appeared in any game, so his ability is yet to be revealed.


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