Special Agent Redso works at the A.N.G.R.Y. slingshot with the other birds (minus ShutterblueWhirly MatildaMr. Hal, and Paw Stella. His first appearance was Angry Oso Birds 1-1. He likes killing pigs and hates what Whirly Matilda does when he explains something to see. He also hates being clumsy, breaking the slingshot.

Redso's last level was Angry Oso Birds 232-58.

Unavailable Episodes

007. A View To a Cook

022. Lisence To Mess

068. The Wrecking Holiday Halls (only on theme 135)

082. Lisence To Corker

083. Tackle Hammers Are For Never

089. Thundergleam

102. Thundersmall (only on level 208-49 to 208-54)

104. Collect Another Rot (only on theme 212-1 to 212-50)

107. The Sipper Who Watched Me (only on level 217-1 to 217-15)

112. Die Mints Are For Rase Call (only on level 229-19)

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