Angry Birds Snow Of The Snorks - Level 1-3

The Level

This is the 3rd level in the Angry Birds Seasons 5 episode, Snow of the snorkers.

Items In Level


  • Matilda (x1)
  • Bomb (x1)
  • Terence (x2)


  • Snow Block (x93)
  • Dirt Material (In Mid-Air) (x1)


  • Original Present (x2)
  • Holly Plant (x4)
  • Christmas Wreath (x1)
  • Cookie (x1) (Inside the cookie is a Golden Egg)
  • Golden Egg (x1) (It is inside the cookie)


  • Normal Pig (x12)

How to get Golden Egg

To get this level's GE, you must launch Bomb up at the cookie's platform. Just when he hits the platform, make him explode and if you got it right, you will blow up the cookie and get the egg.

Previous Level: 1-2 | Next Level: 1-4

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