Slapping Brown Bird
The new brown slapping bird
General Info
Powers Slapping the Structure
First Level Appearance: Green Eggs and ham 1-5
Gender: Male
Species: Quail
Locations: Many Since Green Eggs and ham
Strength: Medium
Size: Medium

The Slapping Brown Bird (named Markos) has the unique ability to slap the structure with its long hair. It is found in the distant region of Angry Bird Island. He is strong and mighty but a bit shy. It first appeared in Green Eggs and ham.


  • His hair is about 10 feet long
  • The Slapping Bird is as almost strong as the Big Brother Bird
  • Markos is Friends with the Aqua Vaccum Bird
  • He is the longest,but not largest bird
  • He had a new design



Pull Back:Errrup

Launch: Wahoo!


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