SHabib the red bird is leader of all birds.

Red goggle bird

Shabib, Leader of all birds and good pigs

Personal Data:

Name:Muhammad Shabib Shahid

Aliases: Red,Glass red

Love Interest: Ruby

Likes: Angry birds, Minecraft , Trackmania, Bad piggies(Game), Updating Angry birds, Creating fan character.

Dislikes: Bad pigs, Repainter festival, Repaint, Goggle birds(Only Lewis),Lewis' Piggy Language,Poachers, Poacher-piggies,Thief birds, Criminal birds, Robber birds, Sh!t BIrd, B.N.P Birds/Humans, Jamayatshibir BIrds/Humans, Police pigs,Goggles(Except Flammable,poppy,rose,Autumn,henrietta,Henry,Banger,Eddie,Stoney's GOggles)

Confused: Newsboy Cap, Threaten

Classmates: Sifat the blue bird, Bidduth the riochet bird, Prottoy The Super-BOy  Good pig/Bird, Ankon the good piggy

Best friends: Sifat the blue bird, Tyler the Robotic Inflater Bird, Gabriel The Robot(In prequel Trilogy, Gabriel Is traitor for Noise), Matrix,Misty,Samantha The Red pokladot Bow Pink bird.

Enemies: Bibsha , Tro, Fireworks dave, Fireworker, Entexo, Marty the kidnapper, Kotsaw

COuntry: Bangladesh


he hates police pigs, but Prottoy is police bird/pig roleplay. So he does not hates prottoy.

in the Teaser,animation and photos, he Does not wear glasses. but in the comics, He Wears glasses


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