Scary Forest of the Mirage it's an abandonated forest ovned by a bird.It's formely 2000 years old and it's haunted for years...


At the creation of the Scary Forest of the Mirage,ared just one young tree.When the owner of that place haved an idea to create a park,he added more smillar tree species.When the member of the trees' harvesting skyrokets,the ovner abandonate the place.The trees start to harvesting bigger and bigger and on the and,created a forest.After some years the whole around place abandoned too witch the maning the trees become the "rulers" of the place around of them,by harvesting.Witch the months and years,the forest become haunted.The forest start making fake mireages that the visitor of the forest loves.When the visitor come closer the forest herself eats him.From that time,none who go to that forest returned back.


  • Near to the forest are an another forest not haunted.It's a simple tree forest.The forest it's seen in the episode "Hunting" from Angry Birds Food Bash!

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