His official artwork.

Sackboy (Also known as Plushie) is a creative thinker, and very smart.

Personality & Info


Stuffed by a tinkerer in 1999, he was sitting on a shelf, getting older and dustier as the years went. In 2002, his tinkerer died. When he died, Sackboy was given a special power; construction. He was also given two popits that control all of his actions. The red one was very devious, making him do horrible things to innocent people like tying their shoe laces together. The green one was nicer, undoing th bad things he did.


Power: None, sometimes acting as a pig

Strength: Strong


  • He is the character, Plushie, From T.O.S.
  • He so far appears in cutscenes.
  • Sackboy might have something inside of him, but he won't let anyone zip the zipper.

    The red popit.


    The green popit.

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