red bird=mario

yellow bird=luigi


big brother bird=bowser

big brother bird=dk

blue bird=diddy kong

green bird=yoshi

black bird=wario

yellow bird=link

red bird/pink bird=sheik/zelda

big brother bird=ganondorf

blue bird=toon link

black bird/white bird=samus/zero suit samus

red bird=pit

blue bird/orange bird=ice climbers

yellow bird=rob

blue bird=kirby

black bird=meta knight

big brother bird=king dedede

red bird and blue birds=pikmin and olimar

yellow bird=fox

red bird=falco

black bird=wolf

green bird=captain falcon

blue bird=pikachu

white, big brother, green and orange bird=pokemon trainer

black bird=lucario

blue bird=jiggleypuff

red bird=marth

yellow bird=ike

blue bird=ness

orange bird=lucas

green bird=mr. game and watch

black bird=snake

yellow bird=sonic

that's all!

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