Matilda. Welcome to Red's clubhouse.

(phone rings)

Matilda. Hey, it's the phone.

Red (on phone) Hi Matilda! I'm Red and this is Woody.

Matilda. Hi Red and Woody!

Woody. (on phone) Were lost in Jurassic Park,

Red. (on phone) And don't forget the birdtools.

Matilda. OK.

Matilda. Bird he, Bird hi, Bird ho, Bird ready, Bird zip, here we go, you'pre a thinker and a solver through-er, bird me, bird you, bird do-er, bird me, bird you, bird do-er. Oh Eggs, it's time to get ready, to show us our birdtools. Eggs has the tools, the birdtools, so when we need them, Eggs will bring them. He's here for me and you, all you have to say is Oh Eggs, all you have to say is Oh Eggs.

Kids. Birdtools, birdtools, birdtools, here are your birdtools.

Matilda. A helicopter, meat, a flare, and the mystery Birdtool, that's a surprise tool that we can use for later.

Matilda. We've got our birdtools, let's go to Red Park.

Matilda. Hi Parrot! What are you doing?

Parrot. Hi Matilda! Chuck is teaching me how to be potty-trained.

Chuck. Where is Red?

Matilda. He's lost at Jurassic Park. We need Eggs, everyone say, "Oh Eggs!"

Chuck. Oh Eggs!

Matilda. A helicopter, a flare, meat, and the mystery Birdtool, which one can we use?

Isla Nubar Heliport

Matilda. A helicopter might work, we've got ears, say cheers!

Matilda. Let's go to Jurassic Park.

(Jurassic Park theme song)

Matilda. Hey, a red car. Were at the Isla Nubar Heliport.

Matilda. Red?

Alan. Hi Matilda! Did you know that the average cow udder is...


Dipsy. Hi Matilda!

Matilda. A Dilophosaurus.

Victor. (roaring)

Matilda. (screaming)

Ty. (roaring)

Red. (screaming)

Matilda. There you are! Let's run for are lives.

(Ty chases the car that Red and Matilda are on)

Red. We need Eggs, everyone say "Oh Eggs!"

Everyone. Oh Eggs!

Red. A flare, meat, and the mystery Birdtool. Which one can we use?

Matilda, I know! A meat and a flare, we've got ears, say cheers.

(Ty steps on fire and eats meat)

Phineas. (hooting)

Matilda. Hi Phineas!

Phineas. Hi Matilda! I live in a fence!

Trike. Hi!

Matilda. A Triceratops!

Matilda, Let's save Woody!

Woody. (screams)

Rappy. (roaring)

Red. We need Eggs, everyone say, "Oh Eggs!"

Everyone. Oh Eggs!

Red. All we have left is the mystery Birdtool, let's choose that, say "Mystery Birdtool!"

Everyone. Mystery Birdtool!

Red. Today's mystery Birdtool is a mouse, we've picked out all our birdtools, say super cheers.

Woody. Here you go Rappy!

Rappy. Yeah!

Red. Let's get back to the clubhouse using Matilda's helicopter and do the hotdog dance.

Everyone. Hotdog.........Hotdog. Hotdog..........Hotdog, Hotdog, Hotdiggity Dog, now we've got ears, it's time for cheers, Hotdog, Hotdog, the problem's solved.......Hotdog, Hotdog, Hotdiggity Dog......

Blue Jim. You've saved Red and his friends.

Red. What a hotdog day!

Everyone. Hotdog Hotdog Hotdiggity Dog, it's a brand new day, whatcha waiting for, get up, stretch down, stomp on the floor........Hotdog, Hotdog, Hotdiggity Dog. Hotdog, Hotdog, Hotdiggity Dog, were splitting this scene, were full of beans, so long for now for Red.....

Red. That's me!

Everyone. And the Angry Birds.......Club........House.

Red. Awwwww, thanks for stopping by.

The End

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