Red. Welcome to my clubhouse everybody.


(ding dong)

Red. Look, it's Chuck and Bomb.

Chuck. Hi Red!

Bomb. Hi Red!

(dino dong)

Red. Another friend!

Woody. Hi Red!

Red. Hi! Let's get some birdtools.

Red. Bird he, bird hi, bird ho, bird ready, bird zip, here we go, you're a thinker and a solver through-er, bird me, bird you, bird do-er, bird me, bird you, bird do-er. Oh Eggs, it's time to get ready, to show us our birdtools, Eggs has the tools, the birdtools, so when we need them, Eggs will bring them. He's here for me and you, all you have to say is Oh Eggs, all you have to say is Oh Eggs.

Kids. Birdtools, birdtools, birdtools, here are your birdtools.

Red. A rubber mouse, an Elefun game, a Yoshi, and the mystery Birdtool, that's a surprise tool that we can use later.

Red. We've got our birdtools, let's go to Red Park.

Tommy. C-A-T

Phil and Lil. Cat.

Chuck. Wow! It's a cat!

Red. We need Eggs, everyone say "Oh Eggs!"

Chuck and Bomb. Oh Eggs.

Red. A rubber mouse, an Elefun game, Yoshi, and the mystery Birdtool, which one can we use to play with the cat?

Chuckie. The rubber mouse.

Red. That's right, we've got ears, say cheers.

Woody. Here you go, cat.

(cat catches mouse)

Lil. Let's go to the jungle.

Red. OK Lil.

(everyone goes to the jungle)

Lil. Yay! We're at the jungle.

Olly. Hi Red, Hi Chuck, Hi Bomb, Hi Woody, and hi four of those babies, are those Rugrats?

Red. Hi Olly! And yes, they are Rugrats.

Olly. I need to catch butterflies, we need eggs, everyone say "Oh Eggs!"

Everyone. Oh Eggs!

Red. An Elefun game, Yoshi, and the mystery Birdtool. Which one can we use?

Tommy. An Elefun game! That's my favorite game!

Red. That's right Tommy! We've got ears, say cheers.

(an Elefun game blows out butterflies)

Red. Hi Angelica, whats wrong?

Angelica. My Yoshi are missing, I have two Yoshi.

Red. Let's count, 1, 2, hmmmmmm. We need eggs, everyone say "Oh Eggs"

Rugrats. Oh Eggs!

Red. Let's choose Yoshi, we've got ears, say cheers.

Angelica. Thank you Red!

Red. We need one more thing, everyone say "Oh Eggs"

Angelica. Oh Eggs!

Red. All we have left is the mystery Birdtool, say "Mystery Birdtool"

Chuck and Bomb. Mystery Birdtool.

Red. Today's mystery Birdtool is drumsticks, we've picked out all our birdtools, say super cheers.

Chuck. Here you go Angelica!

Angelica. Thank you Red and Chuck, now I can go and play.

Red. Let's do the hotdog dance.

Everyone. Hotdog..........Hotdog. Hotdog............Hotdog, Hotdog, Hotdiggity Dog, first we played with the cat, then we played Elefun with Olly the Sparrow, finally we played with the Yoshi and drumsticks, it's a brand new day, whatcha waiting for, get up, stretch out, stomp on the floor........Hotdog Hotdog Hotdigity, Dog, Hotdog, Hotdog, Hotdiggity Dog, were splitting this scene were full of beans, so long for now for Red....

Red. That's me!

Everyone. And the Angry Birds...........Club............House.

Red. See you real soon.

The End

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