Red. Welcome to my clubhouse everybody.


(doorbell rings)

Red. Look, it's my new friend.

Woody. Hi Red!

Red. Who is this?

Red. Yep, it's Woody, hi Woody!

Woody. I'm a woodpecker and I need to find the Mighty Eagle.

Red. Let's get some birdtools.

Red. Bird-he, Bird-hi, Bird-ho, Bird Ready, Bird Zip, Here we go, you're a thinker and a solver through-er, Bird-me, Bird-you, Bird do-er, Bird me, Bird you, Bird do-Er. Oh Eggs, it's time to get ready, to show us our birdtools. Eggs has the tools, the birdtools, so when we need them, Eggs will bring them, he's here for me and you, all you have to say is Oh Eggs, all you have to say is Oh Eggs.

Kids. Birdtools, Birdtools, Birdtools, here are your Birdtools.

Red. A tree, a treehouse, a ladder, and the mystery birdtool, that's a surprise tool that we can use for later.

Red. We've got our birdtools, now let's get this show on the row.

Mighty Eagle. Hi Red and Woody.

Red. Hi Mighty Eagle.

Bubbles. Oh tree, oh tree.

Red. Hi Bubbles!

Bubbles. Hi Red, I can't find a tree.

Red. We need Eggs, everyone say "Oh Eggs!"

Everyone. Oh Eggs!

Red. A tree, a treehouse, a ladder, and the mystery Birdtool, which one can we use?

Bubbles. Can we use the tree?

Red. Yes Bubbles, you love eating the fruit in the trees, we've got ears, say cheers.

Bubbles. Yay! My tree!

Matilda. Hi, I'm Matilda.

Woody. Hi, I'm Woody the Woodpecker.

Matilda. I can't climb a tree, we need eggs, Everyone say "Oh Eggs"!

Everyone. Oh Eggs!

Red. A treehouse, a ladder, and the mystery Birdtool. Which one can we use?

Red. We need a treehouse and a ladder.

Matilda. We need the ladder to climb up, and the treehouse to put it on, we've got ears, say cheers.

Mighty Eagle. Why thank you! You should put it on Angry Birds Clubhouse.

Blue Jay. Oh look, it's a new bird, what's your name?

Woody. I'm Woody, and what's your name?

Blue Jay. Well, I'm Jay...

Blue Jake. And I'm Jake...

Blue Jim. And I'm Jim!

Red. We need a birdtool, everyone say "Oh Eggs!"

Everyone. Oh Eggs.

Red. All we have left is the mystery Birdtool, everyone say "Mystery Birdtool"

Everyone. Mystery Bird Tool.

Red. Today's Mystery Birdtool is a slide, we've picked out all our birdtools, say super cheers.

(Red, Woody, Mighty Eagle, and Matilda went down the slide)

Red. Let's do the hotdog dance.

Everyone. Hotdog..... Hotdog. Hotdog.......Hotdog, Hotdog, Hot Diggity Dog, first we had a tree, than we had a treehouse, then we and a ladder, finally, we went down the slide. So long for now for Red Bird.

Red. That's me!

Everyone. And the Angry Birds....Club.....House!

Red. See you real soon.

The End

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