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Reacting Pig
Alert Pig


Reacts, moves, and helps other non-reacting pigs when threatened.


Large Pig


Large Pig



Reacting Pig (also known as Siren Pig, Alert Pig, or Rescue Pig) is a pig that reacts to any possible threat. He helps out and moves the pigs that don't move at all, tries to escape collapsing structures, and tries to dodge attacks from birds.

Appearance and other features

He looks like a regular, large sized pig, but with sirens on his head, and his eyes dart from left to right. Whenever he's threatened, he gives a frightened look on it's face, his sirens turn on, and he makes a scared oinking sound. He is usually hard to pop, due to his sensitivity.


  • Some people think he has no ears, but Rovio said that they were just covered up by the top siren.
  • Unlike other pigs, he barely blinks because he is the "lookout."
  • He is based on the Bee-Do Minion from Despicable Me 2.