Purple Bird (Redbird07)
Normal Purple Bird
General Info
Powers Goes left and right 3 times then drops down
First Level Appearance: Angry Birds AOL AOL Dimension level 1
Gender: Male
Species: Purplebird
Locations: Many since Angry Birds AOL
Strength: Normal
Size: Normal

Purple Bird is a bird that goes left and right. His flock name is "Ninji."


  • He is Purple Ninja Bird, but without a ninja costume.
  • He sometimes visits the Birds like this.
  • His egg is a lavender color.


  • Pull-back noise: Same as the regular Yellow Bird
  • Launch noise: Same as the regular Yellow Bird
  • Tap noise: Zwip, Zoom! (3x)
  • Corpse noise: Same as the regular Yellow Bird


Other Bird Forms

Hook Bird

See also: Hook Bird

Lavender Lazer Bird

See also: Lavender Lazer Bird

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