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The Purple Bird is a bird that appears in Angry Birds: Mutated Birds, Angry Birds Fritos, Angry Birds Space 2 (Angry3456) and Sad Birds. His power is to loop in circles several times, and he is good against wood and glass, but not much effective on stone. In Angry Birds: Mutated Birds, he antidoted Chuck. His frozen yogurt flavor in Angry Birds Sweets is Wildberry. He also appears in Angry Birds GO! 2 with his Loop Runner Kart and is difficult to recruit him.
Purple Bird (Angry3456)
Purple Bird Angry3456
General Info
Powers To loop in circles several times
First Level Appearance: AB Fritos 3-7
Gender: Male
Species: Unknown
Locations: Many
Strength: medium
Size: medium

Purple Bird AB Fritos Instructions

Help page.

Space Samuel ABSpacePrem

Samuel is known as Yellow Lantern Bird in Space.

Antidote Cutscene Chuck

Giving the antidote to Chuck in Angry Birds: Mutated Birds.


He looks like the Red Bird, but with purple feathers, a forest green belly and dark green eyes. He also has the same beak as Terence does. In Space, he looks the same, but with yellow feathers, a "Y" sign, and a red mask.


  • Despite his appearance, he is very intelligent, more intelligent than all the other birds. He has also teached most of the birds in school.