Professer Pig is the main antagonist & final boss in Angry Birds RPG 2: Pig Takeover. He, dressing in a suit to appear like a Red Bird Professer & going by the name Dr. Bird, tricks the flock (& Sig) into thinking that winning against Mecha Pig in Angry Birds RPG caused various Future Disasters. After the flock go back in time via Time Bird & throw thier fight with Mecha Pig, Dr. Bird shows his true colors---- he sheds his costume & tells the flock that defeating Mecha Pig would have prevented any Future Disasters, not cause any. He then reveals that the Pigs now rule since Mecha Pig won. Once he turns his back however, he is knocked away by an enraged Time Bird.

After this incident, he is not seen until the game's climax. After King Pig's defeat, Prof. Pig appears from a hatch in the ground & reveals that the world is still under the Pigs' control, as King Pig knew that the Birds would defeat him, so he made Prof. Pig "Vice King" as thanks for decieving the Birds. He then summons a Battle Mech & easily defeats the birds. However, the Mighty Eagle, who was summoned by the Sardine Can Blue Bird picked up at the start of the game, appears & battles Prof. Pig. The Pig is defeated, & his Mech explodes, possibly taking Prof. Pig with it.


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