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Not to be confused with Prince Porky.

Prince Pig is King Pig's spoiled son and the secondary antagonist in the Angry Birds series. He first appeared in Angry Birds Galaxy. It is semi-common for someone to call a 5 in. King Pig plush a Prince Pig when they have an 8 or 12 in. King Pig plush. He is usually fought penultimate is most Angry Birds games.

He is playable in Angry Birds Fritos who he can destroy wood and glass with ease like Hal, and can repel objects up and down. He is playable in the spin-off games, most notably Angry Birds Go. In Angry Birds Go!: Double Dash!!, his teammate was his father.
Prince Pig
General Info
Powers None
First Level Appearance: Angry Birds 2, Theme 12-15
Gender: Male
Species: Pig
Locations: Most ends of episodes
Strength: Undying
Size: Small


Personal Data

  • Name: Prince Pig
  • Known Aliases: none
  • Group Affiliation: Bad Piggies
  • Best Friend(s): none


Prince Pig is summed up as a spoiled brat. When he doesn't get what he wants, he throws a temper tantrum. He also once made Chef Pig get him a Happy Meal from McDonald's just so he could get the toy out of it. He can be a tattletale sometimes, as in Angry Birds Galaxy, his debut, he said he'd tell his father on the Flock every time they beat him.


After King Pig got a devorce with his wife, Prince Pig stayed with his mother. That is until she went on vacation. She sent him to his father's castle to babysit him until she gets back.


King Pig

He looks up to King Pig as a role model and strives to be like him. They have been shown to share a strong bond. Sometimes, Prince Pig steals the eggs all by himself for him. Being next to the throne, Prince Pig is naturally the second-in-command of the Bad Piggies.

Chef Pig

Much like his father, Prince Pig makes Chef Pig suffer. Like it was stated earlier, Prince Pig made him go to McDonald's and get a Happy Meal just for the toy.


In Angry Birds Fritos, he has the same ability as Hal. In Angry Birds Go! 2 his special ability is that he launches up to five missiles.



  • He has some similarities to Bowser Jr.
    • Both are spoiled brats.
    • Both are the sons of their series' main antagonists.
    • Both are the secondary antagonists in their series.
  • 5 in. King Pig plushies are commonly called Prince Pig.
  • If he fails his classes, his father is proud of him. If he doesn't, his father feels the same. Although sometimes 0s and 10s makes his father disappointed.
  • It is presumble that Haminero is his last name since King Pig's real name is Georger Haminero.
  • He is the replacement for King Pig's Kids.

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