Portal Birds
Portal Birds
General Info
Powers The Twins Separate. When they are separated, they create small portals when they vanish.
First Level Appearance: Portal Birds-1
Gender: Male
Species: Robins
Locations: Many Places
Strength: medium
Size: the same as a red bird

The Portal Birds are two Twins that have the ability to create portals, that lead to their brother's portal.


Name(s): Portal Birds (Port and Tal)

Aliases: Teletransportation Birds

Likes: Doing things together

Dislikes: Pigs


  • Pull Noise: Too TOOH
  • Launch Noise: WAHAW
  • Tap Noise: BLOP
  • Corpse Noise: Wop. Bip. Boop.


  • Without separation, the Portal Birds just vanish.

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