Poached Pigs is the first episode of Angry Pigs. It has 40 levels in all. Below is a list of all the levels in the episode.


1-1: Meet Red Bird

1-2: Red Means Trouble

1-3: Meet Yellow Bird

1-4: Zoom Station

1-5: Safety Helmet Red Bird

1-6: Safety Helmet Yellow Bird

1-7: Safety Station

1-8: Meet Black Bird

1-9: The Big Boom!

1-10: Safety Helmet Black Bird

1-11: Safety Boom

1-12: Safety Station 2

1-13: Meet Mustache Red Bird

1-14: Bird Station

1-15: Meet Mustache Yellow Bird

1-16: Zoom Station 2

1-17: Meet Mustache Black Bird

1-18: Mustache Mania

1-19: Meet Big Bro

1-20: Bird Station 2

1-21: Bird Vs. Pig

1-22: The Fast and the Furious

1-23: Helmet Bird Vs. Helmet Pig

1-24: Team Red

1-25: Team Yellow

1-26: Team Black

1-27: The Big Bad Bros

1-28: Safety Helmet Mustache Red Bird

1-29: Safety Helmet Mustache Yellow Bird

1-30: Safety Helmet Mustache Black Bird

1-31: Meet White Bird

1-32: Year of the Egg Drops

1-33: Brawl Birds

1-34: Bird Station 3

1-35: The Super and Giant Black Bird (boss)

1-36: Free the Pigs!

1-37: Mustache Bird Vs. Mustache Pig

1-38: One Pig and Ten Birds

1-39: Safety Helmet White Bird

1-40: Bird Nation

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