Plants vs. Zombies: Angry Birds is a game for iOS.

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Zombie Pigs are rising from their graves, and the birds cannot defeat them by theirselves. A Peashooter shoots the pigs away, and takes the Angry Birds away to the player's garden. Meanwhile, a zombie finds the zombie pigs, and they decide to team up to get brains (for the zombies) and eggs (for the zombie pigs).



  • Red Bird- Launches three blue birds.
  • Yellow Bird- Can make zombies and zombie pigs move to different columns.
  • Bomb Bird- Explodes.
  • White Bird- By clicking this bird, the bird will fly and drop eggs on every zombie in the same column.
  • Boomerang Bird- When clicked, acts as a boomerang. Does not effect Zombie Pigs.
  • Orange Bird- Puffs up.
  • Pink Bird- Traps zombies and zombie pigs in a bubble temporarily.
  • Big Red- Launches six blue birds. Can also jump on zombies when they come close.
  • Laser Bird- Generates sunlight quickly and zaps zombies who try to eat it.


  • Peashooter- Shoots peas.
  • Sunflower- Generates sunlight.
  • Wall-nut- Acts as a wall.
  • Chomper- Eats zombies whole, but is vulnerable while chewing. Swallows zombie pigs quickly.
  • Lightning Reed- Zaps zombies and zombie pigs. Generates sunlight.
  • Twin Sunflower- Generates two sunlights at once.
  • Snow Pea- Shoots peas that slow down zombies.
  • Sunburn- New. A sunflower that shoots sunlight.
  • Pea Flame- New. Shoots flaming peas.


  • Winged Peashooter- Shoots peas above zombies. Invincible to Zombie Pigs.
  • Bloomerang- Shoots boomerangs that can hit zombies.
  • Bubble Burn Bird- A bird that can shoot sunlight that can also trap zombies inside.
  • Shine Bird- Invincible bird that can generate sunlight.
  • Gatling Red- Launches red birds.
  • Zoom-Shroom- Can move zombies to other columns and shoot lightning.


  1. Daytime Defense (Day)
  2. Fight at Night (Night)
  3. Underground Showdown (Underground)
  4. Rooftop Brawl (Roof)
  5. Inside Out (Living Room)
  6. Time For Bed (Bedroom)
  7. Sidewalk Warriors (Street)

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