Planetoid Bird
General Info
Powers Inflates and has Gravity Pull
First Level Appearance: Moving Gravity-9
Gender: Male
Species: Rock Bird
Locations: Usually Space
Strength: weak
Size: tiny when launched, humongus after tap.


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Planetoid Bird is a very weird space bird. It seems to be made of rock. When it turns bigger, he has a gravitational pull that moves with him.


Unlike most birds, he is quite happy. He can get mad very easily, though.


  • Pull Back Noise: Grwwwww
  • Launch Noise: Vwity!
  • Tap Noise: *same noise as the force in Angry Birds Star Wars*
  • Corpse Noise: Irrp! Kruk! Krak!


  • He is the first bird that is made of rock.
  • He is friend of Ice Bird.

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