Piggy mc cool in abm
Episode begins in king pigs castle.Two minion pigs come out with a object covered with blanket on a skate board.King pig sees it and looks confused.The two pigs take off the blanket and reveal a robot with the label ''Piggy M'c Cooler''. King pig comes for a closer look.He ask the pigs what it does.One of the minion pigs explains it is supposed to steal the eggs.The scene changes to the nest.Red is cleaning,Bomb is eating ice cream and chuck is sunbathing.Suddenly,red notices a strange figure and he gets chuck and bomb ready for a possible battle.When it gets closer chuck thinks its Piggy M'c Cool gives it a cupcake and red gets a confused face.Bomb smiles and gives it a drink and the two minion pigs look at each other and laugh.To get the drink and cupcake they open the mouth and suck them in.Chuck and bomb look at each other and laugh thinking they are seeing things then the scene changes to inside king pig's castle.Foreman pig sees the robot's blue print.He sees it and does a evil laugh.He is going to change it into a egg-stealing machine!Mean While at the bird's nest,red,chuck,and bomb and the two minion pigs are having a good time.Suddenly the robot explodes showing the two minion pigs.Red,Chuck and Bomb get angry and attack!Later the two minion pigs come back injured with the extremely damaged robot behind them.Foreman pig realizes that now his idea is unable to be made and gets angry.The credits show up while you can hear foreman pig in the background making angry noises.THE END.

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