Piggler and Porkscrew are characters in the Angry Birds Toons and the tv show Angry Birds : King Pig wants your Eggs !. They are the pigs seen imprisoned in jail in the Angry Birs Toons episode Hamshank Redemption.


Piggler is the small pig with large eyebrows. He is the smartest of the two.


Porkscrew is the pig strong pig. Altough not having much intelligence, he's very strong. He has a tattoo at his chest.

History (Angry Birds : King Pig wants your Eggs !)

Piggler and Porkscrew first appear in the second episode of AB:KPWYE (abbreviaton for Angry Birds : King Pig wants your Eggs !). They brainwash Bubbles and the Blues and manage into hypnotizing Stella. However, Hal makes and end at their plan and free Stella, Bubbles and the Blues from their Mind Control.


  • Piggler and Porkscrew's names are parody's :
    • Piggler's name comes from Pork Piggler, the name Porky Pig (cadet) gets in Duck Dodgers;
    • Porkscrew's name is a pun on on Torkscrew, a boss fought in Mario & Luigi : Dream Team.

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