Just so you know, Peegs do not appear in and cannot be confused with Don't peeg in the pool from Angry Birds Seasons 5.

Peegs are a spieces of Pigs created by Redbird07.

Existing Peegs

  • Small Peeg
  • Medium Peeg
  • Large Peeg
  • Original Peegs (above) - These peegs are also known as Pee Peegs. Pee Peegs throw buckets of yellowish-green water (pee). If hitting a bird with the pee, the spieces that is the same as that bird who was hit will run off. Bad luck for all the levels with the same species of birds that have Original Peegs.
  • Helmet Peegs - Also known as Poo Peegs. They throw helmets pade of poop.
  • Mustache Peeg - These are known as Grandpa Peegs. They can throw sticks, made of poop or a poop bucket with pee in it.
  • King Peeg - Their crown is made of of pee (which somehow stays like a crown shape) and poop (the balls going round). He can throw spare crowns at the birds whenever he has his box of spare crowns. Otherwise, he throws nearby items (excluding wood, stone, glass and anything helping keep the building up)
  • Fat Peeg - Also Food Peeg. The first (and currently only) peeg who DOES NOT have poo or pee as a weapon. He can throw food at birds, making them hungry and they eat. If any of Food Peeg's food hits a bird already eating, the bird just gets fatter. :3 Y U NO LIKE FAT BIRD!!!

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