Patrick Panic is an episode in Angry Birds Seasons 5, and it is Saint Patrick's Day themed. It comes with a new special bird, called the Clover Bird. Its power is to shoot spiky clovers at the pigs. When the the spiky clover hits a pig, the pig bleeds for a few seconds and then pops. There is also a new boss in this episode called, Mega Pig. It is about 2x the size of the Fat Pig, and it is very strong. This episode came out on March 15, 2019.


  • Red Bird
  • Blue Bird
  • Yellow Bird
  • White Bird
  • Black Bird
  • Green Bird
  • Orange Bird
  • Pink Bird
  • Terence
  • Clover Bird (This is a new, special bird in this episode.)


  • Small Pig
  • Medium Pig
  • Normal Pig
  • Moustache Pig
  • Helmet Pig
  • King Pig
  • Fat Pig
  • Mega Pig (This is a new, special boss pig in this episode.)


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