For Redbird07's version, see Angry Birds Pacman. For Angry3456's version, see Angry Pacbirds.



Pacbird is a new crossover between Angry Birds and Pacman. Just like in Angry Birds Go!, you choose which bird you can play as, and you press a power button to activate the bird's power. Ghosts are just regular pigs in their normal shape. The game was released February 22, 2014.


Game Modes

  • Classic - play the classic Pacman gameplay
  • Versus - compete with another Pacbird to eat the most orbs (no pigs)
  • Time Boom - eat all the orbs in a level before the time bomb glitches the level (no pigs)
  • Champion Chase - same as Versus, but beat the Pacbird 3 times and you can play as that Pacbird

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