Oscar is a lizard found in Angry Birds Oscar's Oasis. His first apperence is in Egg Race level 2-4.


Oscar is a desert lizard with brown spots. Even though he likes stealing eggs, in level 2-4 he finds out that the Angry Birds' Eggs aren't very tasty. Until then he appers as an enemy from level 1-6 to level 2-3. From level 2-4 to level

78-15 he appers as a playable charecter.
General Info
Powers Moves in jerky motions when hitting


First Level Appearance: 1-6,3-4(playable)
Gender: male
Species: Desert Gecko
Locations: most places
Strength: medium
Size: small


Eggs, Water, Food, Home, his Girlfriend, Angry Birds, The Moon, The Oasis, Pigs, Popy, Buck, Harchi, Flies


Pigs, Being chased, Being ignored, Angry Bird eggs' taste, Chickens, Crocodiles, Mouse traps , Cactus, being captured, being interupted

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