Orange (known as Emperor Orange in Angry Birds RPG: Stones of the Twelve Elements) is a secondary character in the Angry Birds series. He actually is The Annoying Orange and was the main antagonist of Angry Birds RPG: Stones of the Twelve Elements where he was part 1 in the three-phase final boss known as King Orange and is actually was being controlled by Hammer Bro., who was the true main antagonist and part 2 and 3 of the three-phase final boss. His partner in Angry Birds Go!: Double Dash!! was Ms. Wiggler.
General Info
Powers Shooting Seeds
First Level Appearance: Angry Birds RPG: Stones of the Twelve Elements - final boss
Gender: Male
Species: Orange
Locations: Recurring
Strength: 3/7
Size: Medium

List of Appearances

Game Role
Angry Birds RPG: Stones of the Twelve Elements Main antagonist
Angry Birds RPG: Oogielove Saga Supporting character
Angry Birds Go!: Double Dash!! Unlockable playable character
Angry Birds RPG: King Pig's Inside Story Supporting character
Angry Birds All-Stars Playable character

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