General Info
Powers Taking photos (the most of the times,when he is spying Oinkella)
First Level Appearance: Uncknown
Gender: Male
Species: Pig
Locations: Angry Birds Toons 2
Strength: Minimal (throuch even if Terence beat him he will return in his form after the next falied plan)
Size: Normal

Oinky,it's a silly,bad and anoyng minion pig that have King Pig's oreders to mary witch Oinkella,just to spy her eyser.But whenever he everytime falls.He go been beaten by King Pig


He is a kind silly as souch trees,birds and everything elese fall on him.He's also evil,despite he is anoyng.The birds can easy beat him,as is a basic pig.


Oinky's meber of falied times:


Other pigs' falied times:


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