Oinkella Oinker
Oinkella 2D
General Info
Powers None
First Level Appearance: Theme 200-200
Gender: Female
Species: Pig
Locations: Angry Birds
Strength: Normal
Size: Normal

Oinkella it's a female pig living in Queen Pig's city.She's the most beutifull female pig and have a house most more modern that the other pigs.


His house (in Angry Birds Toons 2) it's the same like all the pigs,just more modern.Sometimes,his house looks actually diferent.

Game Apperance

In Angry Birds his house looks like a big villa.It's made from strong blocks and it's VERY,VERY,VERY AND EXTREMLY HARD to destroy it.He also two have helmet pig gwards in tne house entrance.It's also metalic gates witch a secret code to enter.Sometimes,his house make King Pig jelaus.Because of that King Pig gives to Qeen Pig and Oinkella gigantic cakes.(sometimes Oinkella don't want the offer becuse he make a diet)


  • Throuch,she's love interst of all the minion pigs and corporal pig.The onlylest ones that he doesn't loves her it's King Pig.
  • He have only one really love interest,Oinken.
  • Even throuch King Pig do not have any love interests on her,King Pig want to be friends,just because to give him a piece of here house to make the birds even harder to defeat him.
  • She have realitivites witch Qeen Pig,this meaning he's blue bloodied.
  • He have electronic devices,snice Iphone,Ipad and more.
  • He is not paying antention to eat the eggs.(Red's Best Moment,Happy Birthday Oinkella!)
  • When she's next to Red he fears that he will beat her.(Red's Best Moment)
  • He is the onlylest pig that do not got been beaten.(Exept in Gone Everyone!, he was very shocked by King Pig discuised as a Black Ghost.)

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