New IOS? it's a special episode (fanon)' of Angry Birds Toons for IOS.


In the Piggy Island comes a uncknown female bird that it's start to be a love interest of all the birds. (exept Terece and the Blues) That bird it's revealed to have a new IOS.All the birds of the island compliment her,but Terece and the Blues cooperated witch the pigs to make the birds stop love her.King Pig sends 3 minion pigs to spy that bird.It's revealed that he vants to add a giant bomb underground the island.The two birds and the pigs try to alert the bird but the birds don't belive them.Then when the guest bird try to add the bomb all the birds and pigs see her and throw her and his IOS in the water and explode.The birds and the pigs are happy.But the pigs go and steal the birds'eggs before the birds reveal it.Then Red bird shoots hiself in the pigs and get the eggs back.The pigs are scaryed and go away.


  • The IOS in the episode are a bomb.
  • Mayble the uncknown bird are working for a evil company.
  • The episode are not membered.

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